Plan B tea (first post)

Kids starving after an active day at School so couldn’t wait for Plan A tea choice (an increasingly regular thing) so quick pasta with defrosted pasta sauce. They all loved the Gigli pasta (thanks Tesco) shape and all 3 plates were clean which NEVER usually happens. Shame about the red sauce marks all over the table!!! Ten minutes later it’s all cleared away and a bit of a relax before bedtime.

Time to quickly rummage in the fridge for our Plan B tea- Hairy Bikers ‘Stuffed Vine Leaves’ can wait until Wednesday!!!

Belisimo Pasta Sauce-

Crushed garlic- as much as your family like (we like loads)
Olive Oil
Two tins of chopped tomatoes
8 basil leaves chopped
2 anchovy fillets
Squeeze of lemon juice

-Heat the oil a bit
-Add the garlic and stir until it starts to colour (I learned this the hard way after many many epic fails)
-Stir in the anchovy fillets
-Stir in the basil leaves for 20 seconds
-Add the tomatoes and stir occasionally until the sauce thickens
-When it reaches a consistency you like (very much a personal preference) add the lemon juice and serve
– enjoy the silence as the kids and/or adults chow down